Eldercare Programs

Novo Peak offers unique and individualized treatment plans. We treat residents as if they were a member of our own family. Our team members do what they can to help residents achieve their goals and to help them to remain as independent as they want to be, for as long as they want. See how Novo Peak is bringing eldercare to new heights!


Range of Motion(ROM)

Designed to maintain flexibility in residents with more of a chronic presentation, and to help prevent further contracture. These exercises also provide kinesthetic stimulation through 1-1 active, active-assisted or passive ROM movements of the major joints.

Walking Programs

Designed to help maintain the ability of residents to reliably weight-bear, and to allow continued manual transfers with or without the assistance of staff. This program also boasts the benefits that walking provides, such as increased circulation and mobility, improved digestive function, maintenance of strength in the ambulatory muscles, proprioceptive stimulation and improved respiratory excursion.

Strengthening Program

Designed to help maintain and improve strength of the major muscle groups used in ambulation and most daily activities through 1-1 or group exercises focusing on light, repetitive movements of the arms and legs using elastic resistive tubing or bands and/or light weights.

Balance Program

Designed to help stimulate the proprioceptive system and improve balance in order to help prevent falls, using varying protocols including weight-bearing, strengthening, and ball exercises in either an individual or group setting.

Fun and Fitness Program

Designed to help maintain and improve general ROM of the major joints, this group class uses fun movements and objects, such as hoops, to bring the joints through their full ROM, within the limits of each individual, and to stimulate the kinesthetic and proprioceptive input of the involved extremities.

Therapeutic Dance Program

Designed to increase participation in a low-impact aerobic activity as an excellent means of increasing flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance. This group program also contributes to good posture.

The ROM Dance

Designed as a gentle mind/body group exercise and relaxation program. The Range of Motion (ROM) movements are based on the mind/body principles from Tai Chi and are accompanied by quiet music and soothing verses that evoke light, warmth and well-being. This program was created by Diane Harlowe, OT and Tricia Yu, Tai Chi instructor.

Tai-Chi Program

Cycling/Walking Across Canada Program Designed to motivate and encourage participants to cycle or walk towards their targeted destination, residents ‚ virtually‚ cross our beautiful country and have great fun doing it.Designed to help with cardio-respiratory function, flexibility, balance, muscle strength and reducing falls, this group program can reduce pain and increase the mobility and physical function in otherwise sedentary seniors.

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