Innovations from Novo Peak Health – Colligo

The Colligo Electronic Rehab Record and Management Reporting solution, a proprietary enterprise cloud computing solution, will allow you unparalleled resident outcome measurements, and clinical reporting. Customized reports are accessible to home management by home, region and province wide, which can allow for comparison to other like-situated or size of homes, as desired.

Integrated: Colligo is a proprietary Rehab Medical Record solution (RMR) that is fully customizable and is designed to be able to integrate with software, such as Point Click Care, MedEcare, and GoldCare across a secure web-based platform. In order to facilitate collection of RAI MDS data, Colligo generates the qualifying days and minutes of residents during their observation period, at a click of the mouse. Colligo improves RAI MDS data consistency and health care record/charting management and is also tightly woven into CQI management processes.


Resident Tracking: Colligo makes outcomes easy to track. In addition, the scores are graphically represented on the Annual Report Card or the Fall Risk Report for presentation at Annual Care Conference for residents actively participating in physiotherapy. Outcome measures and quality indicators can include: Falls, Tinetti Balance and Gait, Timed Up and Go, 3 Minute Walk test, Morse Fall Scale, Elderly Mobility Scale, Unipedal Stance time (eyes open and/or closed) and Berg Balance Scale.

Compliance: Colligo tracks and reports on the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care parameters regarding Episodes of Care and related, required data for both 1-on-1 physiotherapy and exercise class reporting. The entry and tracking of the new conditions, goals, episodes of care and required MOHLTC data in Colligo saves precious PT time related to manual reporting, allowing the PT to spend that time with residents instead.

Efficiency and Time Savings: Entering information in Colligo for each reassessment visit completed with a resident allows for tracking and reporting of resident-specific information with little time and effort from our clinical team, allowing them to spend more time with residents. This allows for increased accountability and saves time in searching for information.

Continuous Improvement Programs: Colligo is used to gather therapy utilization information and to monitor service delivery. This web-based application allows a secure, remote access to therapy data for generating a myriad of reports.

Data Security and Confidentiality: In developing and deploying Colligo, Novo Peak ensures that the Colligo solution conforms to leading security standards including The Ontario Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). Colligo has completed and passed Privacy Impact Assessments and Threat Risk Assessments.

The Colligo Rehab Medical Record solution can produce customized reports such as these:

  • Monthly LTC Summary
  • Quarterly Exercise Reporting for the Ministry
  • Quarterly Physiotherapy Reporting for Ministry
  • Group Attendance
  • Episodes of Care Goals and Conditions
  • Resident Report Card
  • Fall Risk Report
  • Therapy Utilization
  • Physio Service Minutes/Details for All Active Residents
  • Reasons for Non-Attendance