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The Novo Peak Advantage

Novo Peak Health Inc. has been an innovative and progressive force in the Eldercare industry for over 20 years; providing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and assistive devices program services (ADP) to long-term care and retirement homes, community wellness centres and community clinics across Ontario. We have earned the reputation for having the depth and breadth to scale our services across multiple homes to address current and future resident and client care needs.

Extensive Clinical Resources, Resident Focused Programs and Management Depth
make Novo Peak Health a Great Choice for your Home


  • Corporate resources, account management and systems: We have been in the business for many years. We currently provide service in numerous LTC, Retirement and Community based locations across Ontario.
  • Resources: We work hard to deliver the best therapy services possible with the “bench strength” to provide and manage a team of highly experienced and motivated eldercare rehab professionals.
  • Offerings: We provide quality physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech-language clinical services, education/programming, and other value-added services.
  • Implementation: Based on our extensive experience we plan for a seamless transition, to ensure continuity of care for residents.
  • Programming: Unique and engaging programs for seniors optimize participation and make participation interactive and therapeutic at the same time.
  • Quality Assurance: Homes receive the type and quantity of service promised and desired for residents.
  • Fully-encompassed care for your residents.
  • Team approach to care: We liaise with restorative care, activities and nursing for an interdisciplinary approach.
  • The Colligo Rehab Medical Record solution: Online statistical data collection and immediate service provider performance information, tailored to your specific needs.

Experience Offering Community Programs

  • We currently provide LHIN sponsored community programs such as fall prevention programming and exercise classes in numerous homes and community settings across the province
  • We are the selected provider of choice by several Non-Profit Organizations (NPO)
  • We have shared, instituted and delivered proprietary Falls Prevention educational modules with our partner locations

Our Leadership Team


Amanda Dalcourt, PT, Dip MDT

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President – Eldercare

With over 20 years of clinical experience, Amanda utilizes her passion for the elderly to develop innovative programming, and efficient systems and procedures that have allowed for Novo Peak to lead the marketplace in Ontario. Amanda continues to work as a clinician in eldercare, maintaining direct contact with seniors and clients, in order to have continued knowledge and experience with the growing and changing needs of the industry. As Northern Ontario Business Association’s Entrepreneur of the Year (2011), Co-Author of 5 books, professional speaker and businesswoman, Amanda continues to promote quality service for residents and continued education and training.

Amy Harbin - picture

Amy Harbin, R.Kin

Director of Eldercare

Amy graduated in Kinesiology from The University of Western Ontario. Although beginning her career in private clinics, with a wide range of clients and a focus on elite athletes, she found that her true passion was working with seniors after taking a role in a Retirement home in 2008.  She spent the last decade in the long term care/retirement sector, both working in a home as a hands on Kinesiologist and since 2016, has been working as an organizational lead. Amy is passionate about ensuring that seniors in all areas of care are awarded the opportunity to the live the quality of life they aspire to.

Nehal Dave

Nehal Dave, PT

PT, Manager of PT Special Projects

Nehal began his Canadian work experience as a Physiotherapist in both the long-term care and hospital settings and is skilled in orthopaedic, neurologic disorders and sport injury management. Along with 13 years of clinical experience in long-term care alone, Nehal also has experience working in a continuum of sectors, from hospital to private clinic to community, which gives him an advantage for in-home planning when it comes to understanding the unique needs of convalescent residents. Nehal began a leadership role several years ago, when he was the lead in a Toronto region group of long-term care homes calling on his management skills to help oversee and nurture the relationships between administration, team members and clients, and he excelled in this role.

Katie Shah

Katie Shah

Manager of OT Operations

Katie is deeply involved in the administrative and service management aspect of the Occupational Therapy sector. She is the chief support of the OT-Sector at Novo Peak. Katie comes from an accounting background, and having worked in the healthcare, financial and customer service industries at different levels, she brings in her experience and knowledge supporting our OT Sector. Daily contacts with both therapists and clients, generating reports for therapists, administration of payroll and the general coordination of LTC contracts allows Katie to be in touch with everyone involved in the provision of service.


Emily Mattacchione

Executive Vice President,  Administration & Human Resources
Novo Healthnet Limited/Novo Peak Health Inc.

Mrs. Emily Mattacchione brings to the company several years of application and development of administrative policies and protocols. Her experience in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing to finance, has proven an invaluable asset and instrumental in the implementation of effective control procedures as well as the required consolidation of service policies. Her organizational skills in standardizing these procedures have helped to maintain control of expenses as well as deliver a high quality of client services.

Sabrina Gibbons 2019

Daisy Janssen & Sabrina Gibbons

Managers of Administration – Eldercare
Novo Peak Health Inc.

Sabrina and Daisy are intimately involved in the administrative and service management aspect of eldercare services. They are part of the backbone of Novo Peaks’ Support Office. Sabrina graduated with a degree in Honours Business & Administration while Daisy comes from a Nursing and Massage/Ortho-therapy background, giving them both a great and rounded knowledge base for supporting our eldercare team members at large. Daily review of statistics entered online in Colligo (our proprietary software), generation of service reports, support for our team and the general coordination of all service contracts allows Sabrina and Daisy to be in touch with everyone involved in the provision of service, acting as a liaison.


Lori Morgan, Dip SSW, PTA

Physio-Geriatric Consultant

By working with seniors affected by Dementia and Stroke, amongst other ailments, Lori recognized her strengths and passion in a common denominator – the need for motivation. Lori’s passion for seniors, efficiency in work habits and positive working attitude make her the perfect candidate as Physio-Geriatric Consultant. Her years of eldercare experience and desire to share her strengths with team members in their own homes, result in a positive experience for all that benefit from her expertise.

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